Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices

One of the key advances in the latest generation of hearing aids is their enhanced capability to communicate wirelessly with everyday technology that people take for granted.

TV Streamer for Hearing Aids.

Hearing aids can now connect to your Smart TV and stream sound directly through your hearing aids delivering an enhanced experienced and meaning that no-one will ever complain that the television is too loud again!

Hearing Aid Connectivity, Bluetooth Hearing Aids, Alresford.

Hearing aids can also connect to your mobile devices provided that it has Bluetooth capability, allowing you to take a calls with ease even in noisy restaurants.

The most advanced hearing solutions will also allow you to hear the phone conversation through both ears and because they connect directly there is no interference or ‘whistling’ This technology is also available for landlines. Crystal clear quality, no whistling, and stereo sound means the problems previously experienced by hearing aid users when using telephones really are a thing of the past!

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