Ear Wax Removal

The Alresford Hearing studio offer ear wax removal. All ear wax removal is carried out by highly qualified and experienced audiologists trained in clinical ear care, this may include microsuction, irrigation and instrumentation.

Ear Wax in Ear Canal, Alresford.

Micro-suction is universally recognised as the safest and most effective way of comfortably removing ear wax. Very often the ear wax doesn’t need to be softened using microsuction so it means the wax can be removed same day.

Ear Wax Removal, Micro Suction, Alresford Hearing Studio.

The Appointment:

  • Samuel our Audiologist will take a brief medical history to determine if you are suitable for ear wax removal.
  • Video Otoscopy will then be performed (small camera to inspect the ear canal)
  • Samuel will then explain his chosen procedure and why he feels this is the most suitable way to remove the ear wax.
  • Often Samuel will use various techniques to remove the ear wax to make sure the ear canal is completely clear from any blockages.
  • Once the ear wax is removed Samuel will take another image of the ear-canal to show you the result, Samuel will then talk through future management techniques to help prevent any ear wax blockages in the future.

Ear Wax removal is £55 for one ear or £80 for both ears.

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