Ear Wax Removal via Microsuction

The Alresford Hearing studio offer ear wax removal via microsuction at our clinic based 8 miles from Winchester. All ear wax removal is carried out by highly qualified and experienced audiologists or Hearing Care Assistant who are all registered with BSHAA (British Society of Hearing Aid Audiology), The Services offered include Ear Wax removal via microsuction, Ear wax removal via irrigation and ear wax removal via instrumentation.

A Ear wax blockage is one of the most common causes of a sudden or temporary hearing loss, Impacted Ear Wax can cause discomfort inside the ear, dizzy spells and also tinnitus. Very often having ear wax removal can help reduce the above symptoms.

Ear Wax in Ear Canal, Alresford, Winchester.

Ear wax removal by Microsuction is universally recognised as the safest and most effective way of comfortably removing ear wax. Very often the ear wax doesn’t need to be softened using microsuction so it means the wax can be removed same day.

Ear Wax Removal, Micro Suction, Alresford Hearing Studio Winchester.

What Can I Expect At The Appointment?

  • Audiologist will take a brief medical history to determine if you are suitable for ear wax removal.
  • Video Otoscopy will then be performed (small camera to inspect the ear canal)
  • The Clinician will then explain his chosen procedure and why he feels this is the most suitable way to remove the ear wax.
  • Often we will use various techniques to remove the ear wax to make sure the ear canal is completely clear from any blockages.
  • Once the ear wax is removed the audiologist will take another image of the ear-canal to show you the result, They will then talk through future management techniques to help prevent any ear wax blockages in the future.

Ear Wax removal is £55 for one ear or £80 for both ears.

Please note: We are unable to treat patients under the age of 18.

Ear Wax Removal FAQ

Does EarWax Removal Via Micro Suction Hurt?

On the whole ear wax removal via micro suction is a painless procedure, the skin inside the ear canal is very delicate as it is not used to being touched however this should not cause pain. Due to the structure of the ear canal the outer third is formed of cartilage and the inner two thirds are made up of the temporal bone therefore deep impacted wax can feel more sensitive than the earwax in the outer third. The Patient should feel relaxed at all times, will ask patients to sit very still during the wax removal process to enable to Audiologist to remove all debris and wax blockages from the ear canal.


How Long Does Ear Wax Removal Take?

A Micro Suction appointment will typically take around 30 minutes, At The Hearing Studio we allow a the first ten minutes to answer any questions the patient may have about the procedure and conduct a thorough case history. Our Audiologist will then assess the outer ear and ear canal using video otoscopy (A small Camera to go into the ear which you can see on a TV).

Our Audiologist will then talk through the best procedure and how impacted the earwax inside the ear.

The Microsuction procedure typically lasts anytime between 5-10 minutes whilst the waxis being removed from the ear.

TheAudiologist will then show you back inside the ear to show you the generalhealth of the ear canal and ear drum and advise you on future ear care and howto slow down or prevent the wax from building up again.


What CanI Do to Stop Wax Production?

Once ouraudiologist has performed micro suction, they will talk you through how toprevent ear wax from building up in the ears, in some cases it is in yourgenetics and you will always produce ear wax but we may be able to offer sometips on how the stop the wax production happening so quickly.


What Are the Side Effects to Micro Suction?

DespiteMicro Suction being seen as the Gold Standard when it comes to ear wax removalit still does have some small risks to the patient – It is vital that you see aclinician that has the correct Training and equipment to remove the ear wax.



Due to theCold air being passed around the Ear canal it can cause the vestibular systemto cool which can lead to a temporary sensation of vertigo or faintness.

This shouldonly be a temporary sensation and will pass within a few moments.


Getting anear infection after microsuction is very rare but as with any medical procedure there is a small risk. Each piece of equipment is single use and individually packaged which our audiologist will open in the appointment these are put in medical waste bins after every appointment as well as the area is cleaned between patients. However, if you are unlucky to get an infection our audiologists will see you again with no fee to enable to correct treatment is administered.

Temporary Hearing Loss

In very rare cases microsuction can cause something called a temporary threshold shift in your hearing. As the name suggests this is a short term issue that is uncommon after ear wax removal. If you have ever been to see your favorite band and due to the loud noise exposure you have a ringing and feeling of fulness in the ears. This is the ears way of protecting itself against permanent damage during exposure to noise.



What Training Do your Staff Have for Micro Suction?

All Staff that perform ear wax removal via microsuction at the Alresford Hearing Studios are Audiologists. They have years of knowledge and experience in removal earwax and dealing with hearing health.

Do I Need to use olive oil before My appointment?

Were commend using olive oil for 72 hours prior to the appointment in order to create some lubrication in order to manipulate the ear wax out of the ear. Olive oil will break the harder wax down to enable safe and easy removal.


Can Micro Suction Removal Ear Wax From The Ear Drum?

Yes our Audiologists have the correct microscopic equipment to remove ear wax from the ear drum. This is a much more delicate procedure than from the outer ear canal but our Audiologist will explain the process and show you all that is happening inside the ear through the video otoscopy.

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