Why are we different?

Why is the Alresford Hearing Studio Different?

Most providers of Hearing Aids are operated by national chains that are owned by hearing aid manufacturers so have an interest in maximizing their brand’s sales.

Independent companies such as the Alresford Hearing Studio are able to provide choice across the whole of the hearing care market to deliver the optimum solution for each customer regardless of the provider.

Some providers deliver Hearing Services as an ‘add on’ to their core business and may only have a practitioner at their premises for limited days a month. The Alresford Hearing Studio is committed to providing personal hearing solutions from its state of the art premises conveniently located in West Street with plenty of free parking available locally. Our experienced friendly team look forward to arranging a consultation with Sam Longman our fully qualified audiologist who is resident in the branch five days a week.

On occasions Hearing aid dispensers can be fully mobile with no branch, operating entirely on a home visit model. At the Alresford Hearing Studio we believe this approach limits the level of personal service that can be offered, limits aftercare and gives no link to the community that sustains them. We offer a portfolio of flexible home visits times if this is preferable but are on hand in the branch to provide support, advice or just a cup of coffee if you’re passing!

Being part of a chain limits the level of direct investment that can be made in new equipment, testing and training. Independent companies such as the Alresford Hearing Studio are able to target the provision of new equipment to the needs of the community and are fully committed to continual professional development for all our team of dedicated staff.

We Are

A truly independent family owned provider of hearing care to the local community.

We will only recommend the most appropriate hearing solution to achieve the best outcome for the customer.

Equipped with the very latest test and fitting equipment with our fully immersive test suite where you can get to know the products and the results that can be achieved in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Keen that all customers are accompanied to appointments where possible.

Transparent and committed to the highest standards of aftercare.

Provider of a 60 day money back guarantee on all Hearing Aids.

We Won't

Rush you into making any decision.

Steer you down a particular path just to sell a Hearing Aid or associated product.

Be less than fully transparent in our dealings with you.

Insist on you being seen in our Alresford Studio if a home visit is more convenient.

Compromise our values.

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