Hearing Test

Hearing Tests

The Alresford Hearing studio would be delighted to welcome any patients into our clinic for a Fully Comprehensive Hearing Test, we would say to allow around 60-90 minutes and always encourage you to be accompanied by a relative or friend who can support you and provide us with additional information during the lifestyle consultation.

*(We do also offer a hearing screening for those who are looking to establish if there is a hearing loss present, this appointment will last 30 mins but will not go into any details around hearing aids to benefit the hearing loss.)

Once Samuel our Audiologist has conducted a thorough health assessment of your ears including both Video Otoscopy and Tympanometry, We will then conduct a pure tone audiometry, this is a non-invasive hearing test that identifies the quietest sounds you can hear at a wide range of frequencies in our purpose built sound proof enclosure.

Hearing Test, Sound Proof Enclosure, Winchester, Hampshire.

Our Audiologist will then explain the audiogram to you, going through the severity of the hearing loss and how these hearing problems could be improved.

Hearing Test Results, Alresford Hearing Studio, Hampshire.

If the results of the hearing test show significant hearing loss that requires amplification via hearing aids, the audiologist will take you through a wide range of hearing aids and also provide you with a ‘hearing aid technology demonstration’ in our specially designed environment where we can recreate the most challenging hearing situations to show how hearing aids can improve quality of life.

You will then be provided with a full report of finding which will include images of the ear and your audiogram along with any recommendations made for hearing aids.                            

Hearing Aid Fitting

If you decide to invest into your hearing then our friendly team will book you an appointment to have your new hearing aids fitted.


Audiologist Inserting Hearing Aid, Alresford Hearing Studio, Winchester.

The Fitting Process

·       Fit your new hearing aids to your desired prescription by retesting the hearing with the devices in the ear.

·       Ensure the best physical fit of the hearing aid in the patients ears.

·       Utilize all the features on the hearing aid to make sure they perform well in all situations.

·       Explain all the technical features of the hearing aids.

·       Go through basic maintenance of the hearing aids.

·       Register the 5 year warranty with the manufacturer.

·        Ensure we book a 2 week follow up appointment to continue adapting the hearing aids to the patient needs.

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