Hearing Consultations

The Consultation Process

Our friendly experienced team will be delighted to arrange a free consultation and Hearing Test for you, either at our Alresford Studio or at your home if more convenient. You should allow at least 60 minutes for the discussion and Test and we always encourage you to be accompanied by a relative or friend who can support you and provide additional information during the discussion.

Using our state of the art diagnostic equipment our fully qualified audiologist will conduct an examination of each ear and auditory canal with a video otoscope so you can view the results in real time.

If the results confirm a hearing loss that can be mitigated through the use of technology and you are at our Alresford Studio our audiologist will conduct an audiometric hearing assessment in state of the art sound proof environment.

Once the test has been completed our audiologist will review the data and if necessary propose a course of action to you, based on a thorough review of the solutions available from our portfolio of world class manufacturers.

Technology Solutions

The purchase of hearing aids can be a little daunting but our commitment to you is full service support throughout the process from diagnosis, solution identification and fitting to long term care and support that together can deliver life changing outcomes.

The Alresford Hearing Studio is a fully independent family owned and operated provider of hearing solutions to the community. Our fully qualified audiologists provide the latest in hearing technology from our portfolio of world class manufacturers.

Our audiologist will explain to you the solutions available that mitigate your hearing loss that fit your lifestyle and budget guiding you through systems from the invisible ‘in-ear’ to the traditional‘behind the ear’ solutions. Our free impartial advice will give you the confidence to make an informed choice.

If your appointment is at the Alresford Hearing Studio you will be invited to test some hearing aids in our immersive environment where a variety of background noises can be simulated in a realistic home environment to experience the products available and make the best choice for you. Our friendly experienced team will support you through the whole process ensuring you have the time and information to make an informed, sustainable choice that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Appointment to Fit

Once you have made your choice our friendly, experienced team will arrange a mutually convenient appointment for our Audiologist to fit your chosen hearing aid. At the appointment we will;

  • Fit your  hearing solution and utilise the immersive studio to ensure quality of fit and effectiveness of the solution
  • Programme your hearing aid  for you to deal with your specific hearing loss
  • Fully explain the features of your hearing aid to ensure you can maximise the benefits of the device
  • Explain our through life care programme and arrange a follow-up appointment within 21 days of our initial fitting to ensure you are fully comfortable with the hearing aid and are gaining maximum benefit  
  • Explain the manufacturer’s warranty arrangement for your chosen hearing aid – for full peace of mind our hearing aids are provided from a portfolio of world class manufacturers and come with a minimum of 4 years Warranty
  • Ensure you have the name & contact details of your personal customer care coordinator should you need any further assistance

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