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Everybody wants a hearing aid to be invisible but previously this came with limitations on the performance. This puts some people off seeking the help of a hearing professional even though they know they have a hearing problem.

We know that taking the next step and purchasing hearing aids can be daunting. And with so many options in technology, product styles and invisible hearing aid prices, it can be hard to choose one that not only meets your hearing needs but also satisfies your personal preferences and style. 

The Alresford Hearing Studio has links to Starkeyan industry pioneer in custom, invisible hearing aids. Now, we’re excited to announce that The Alresford Hearing Studio has access to the smallest wireless hearing aid on the market.  

Invisible. Powerful. And now wireless.

Built with the Starkey new Synergy platform iQ system, Sound lens Synergy IQ  provides patients with all the benefits of a Starkey invisible hearing solution and the flexibility and rationalisation of wireless connectivity.

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