The Benefits of Ear Wax Removal

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EarWax Removal can be very beneficial to people using hearing aids to increase theusefulness of their aids. We call wax removal Clinical Ear Care as we are ableto use a variety of techniques in one session.
These techniques may not all be needed and we would try for Microsuction EarWax Removal first.

Thisis very safe and a more comfortable procedure than syringing. It involves usinga sterile suction device to gently remove the ear wax. Using microsuctionallows the user the freedom to avoid contact with the skin in the ear canal,which is where discomfort would arise. Generally the client will not need touse oil in the days beforehand, so it is easier all round.

Earwax removal via microsuction is performed with the aid of a specialisedmicroscope and a finely calibrated suction device, without the introduction ofany materials or liquids. Ear wax removal is presently carried out in GPsurgeries through ear irrigation, which involves injecting a jet of water intothe ear to remove the wax (the old ear syringing method precedes earirrigation, nowadays not performed anymore). This is not always effective andvery often is described as uncomfortable or unpleasant by patients.Microsuction is very well tolerated by the majority of people and gives fastresults hence it is much more effective than the traditional wax removalmethods. It is also SAFE, as the physician can see the structures inside yourear. Very rarely people may need wax softening with ear products, commonlyolive oil, typically though, most clients manage to have their ears cleared inone session without any wax pre-treatment.

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