Tips for wearing a face mask with hearing aids

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The UK Government have taken the advice of the World Health Organisation to wear face coverings on all public transport  including buses, trains and planes to help reduce the risk of corona virus transmission.  It is also best to wear them in other situations when social distancing is difficult.  For hearing aid users this can cause a problem as they sometimes rely on lip reading and facial expressions to understand the conversations especially in challenging environments.  The other problem that has been reported is that the hearing aids have been lost when removing the face mask. World leading Hearing aid manufacturer Starkey have produced some top tips on how to keep your hearing aids in position when wearing a face covering.

1.       Try and buy a mask that goes all the way around the head rather than hooking over the ear.

2.       Sew two buttons on a piece of ribbon that can be worn behind the head to attach the mask.

3.       Sew 2 buttons onto a headband and hook the masks elastic to the buttons to fasten it in place.

If you are unfortunate enough to lose a hearing aid, here are some more tips to help you through.

1.       Don’t Panic

2.       The latest technology within hearing aids has the find my hearing aids App on the hearing aid users mobile phone. Speak to yourAudiologist as they should have set this up for you.

3.       If you do not have one of the above devices then retrace your footsteps, take your time and be patient.

If all the above fails, contact your local hearing professional and see if they are covered by any kind of insurance.

The Alresford hearing studio can help and advise on all the above, if you require any hearing assistance including ear wax removal or hearing tests please give us a call on 01962790749.

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